Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wedding Wednesday #17: Bridal Buyer Beware

Some of you may know, I've had a problem or two with my perfect dress. Back in October/November, I purchased my dress from a secondary site selling overstock.  The dress on its boutique site was labeled incorrectly for material (100% synthetic not cotton) as well as having a faulty zipper. Additionally, the sizing was smaller since wedding/formal attire is usually smaller than regular clothing. My problems, however, were completely my doing. I could have waited and searched for another dress. Instead, I opted to get the dress and was completely disappointed not because fault of the manufacturer (except for the fabric content being stated wrong on the website); I just should have waited for something that was what I really wanted. 

I was lucky and contacted a different boutique about a dress on their site (also being discontinued; as is my luck) and was able to purchase a dress I truly love in a size that fits me. Some brides, unfortunately, aren't so lucky. I was alerted during this process, by an email in my inbox - from a less than credible site wishing to place their ads on my site as it were - that there are sites claiming to have designer dresses at rock bottom prices. It saddens me that somebody would want to make profit by scamming someone in such a way. 

On that note, if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is. Avoid sites that manufacture out of China - you may not receive your dress and if you do the sizing will be wrong, among other problems. While I can't list all the sites to avoid - a Google search is pretty effective and provides more information on sites to avoid - I can give you this. It's a site for checking websites - type the site in the box and hit enter (check it now). You'll get a small report on the site including the actual location of the site. I hope this helps make bridal shopping online easier and safer! Thoughts or reactions? Feel free to post, please!

Miss Liz

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