Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wedding Wednesday #16: A Scenic Honeymoon

I think most people plan their honeymoon as far in advance as their wedding, that is - their dream or ideal honeymoon. Maybe it's tropical, adventurous, foreign, or romantic. I would say our honeymoon is most of those things but overall - it's "local". We're staying stateside for our honeymoon and visiting locales that James has never seen - a scenic tour of southern Kentucky to Nashville with a tour of the Johnny Cash museum. I am very excited about the Johnny Cash museum and the other oddities I've picked along the way. 

 Last night I searched for the Jerry Lee Lewis museum - too far away and strange reviews. We could probably squeeze in the Loretta Lynn Ranch since it's nearby. Mostly though we'll play it by ear and visit whatever looks interesting to us. I've picked out a few other destinations for the drive back home - Mammoth Cave and a night in a Wigwam - everyone should sleep in a wigwam at least once. Oooh! Maybe we could go as far down as Rock City! There might be no stopping us!

Is there a destination you would choose for a honeymoon that's not typical? If so, please share!

Miss Liz

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