Friday, March 13, 2015

Edsel Update #2: Long Overdue

James was "happily" working away on the Edsel Wagon - we had a goal (perhaps lofty) of having it ready for the Beatersville Car Show and our honeymoon. Unfortunately, of course, the Edsel is in pretty rough shape and despite rather constant rebuilding and maintenance that deadline is starting to seem unrealistic. James is going to continue to fix the Edsel - we had a set back of something wrong with the engine. While he is working away on it, he's also considering stripping it (the wagon) all the way down and rebuilding from the ground up. This wagon is a labor of love - it's going to be magnificent! In the meantime, we might have a surprise up our sleeve for the car shows this summer but more on that later....

Thoughts/suggestions or places for Edsel parts appreciated! Comment below, please.

Miss Liz

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