Monday, March 30, 2015

DIY: Olive Oil Conditioning Scalp Rinse

I'm smiling - I promise! Yeah, my glasses are wonky. Lip stain by 100% Pure.
As I continue to stress about wedding to-dos and packing my room, my scalp is gently reminding me to stop. The more I stress the more I flake - just love dandruff. My avalon organics shampoo is wonderful and does a great job when I'm not making my situation worse. However, with my new found love for olive oil I decided to search around and see what I could find for scalp treatments. The easiest and simplest was mixing equal parts water with extra virgin olive oil. Easy enough.

Olive oil mixture - water and extra virgin olive oil.
Scalp Rinse:

Yep, just three items. If you have it, though, you may want to use something with a spout for ease when pouring. I felt I made a slight mess but I was in the bathroom so no worries - also, this makes the bath tub very slippery, use caution. I took a coffee cup and filled it about half full with tap water and heated in the microwave for 20 seconds. I added extra virgin olive oil in an equal amount to the water and swirled together. The mixture felt a bit too warm so I waited a minute or two. When it was still warm but not so hot, I doused my scalp with the mixture and using my scalp massager I rubbed the oil into my scalp. After spreading evenly, I went back and massaged with my hands as well. I had read, from researching online, to let this sit for 20-40 mins (or even overnight) but having things to do and feeling impatient I waited only 10 mins before rinsing. Rinsing took awhile (more than I anticipated) and then I followed with washing my hair like normal. After washing and drying, the excess oil settled into the ends of my hair. I'm sure my ends needed that but for the entire weekend - for which I was out of town, too - my hair felt oilier than normal (wonder why?) so I kept it in a bun. 

No flakes!
After I arrived back home, however, I washed my hair and all was well. In fact, I didn't even use conditioner. My hair is wonderfully soft and there is a reduction in scalp flakiness. I think I might do this once a month with my regular hair care routine. Thoughts or comments? Have a natural remedy you love? Post below, please!

Miss Liz

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