Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wedding Wednesday #15: Progress Update - Only 3 months away!

It feels unreal that the wedding is so close! I'm excited and then overwhelmed at all I still have to do. The "snow days" were great for tending to projects I hadn't had time to do - such as starting on my bouquets. I have almost completely collected all the items necessary to start and finish the bouquets. There is a little problem with the patterned papers for each bouquet - the store was completely out of one style and I bought the last two pieces of the other style. I hope they restock but I have a back up plan ready, if not.

A week ago, I received mock ups of the invitations from the best man. I need to contact him about printing options. Vistaprint seems reasonable. I think I need to get those out as soon as possible but not too worried - most people know they're invited regardless of the invitation.

I'm still editing the vows - I haven't been editing them solidly. I get distracted and then forget about it for a few days. I should set a goal for that - maybe the end of this week - and send it back to the officiant.

Lastly, remember my dress dilemma? I loved that dress from Unique Vintage and so I bought it. Unfortunately, the site incorrectly stated the dress materials. It is 100% synthetic not 100% cotton. I have a hang up about clothing material - I prefer cotton/cotton blend. Additionally, even though the dress is marked XL, it most certainly is not. So, three months prior to my big day, I have picked out a new dress and re-worked my entire outfit: dress, shoes, crinoline, accessories. I did finally decide on a hairstyle. Hooray!

Things accomplished:
  • Hairstyle for bride picked out.
  • Finalized maid of honor's attire.
  • Finalized invitation design.
  • Started on bouquets & collected nearly all of the materials.
Still to do:
  • Address and mail invitations.
  • Order outfit accessories (shoes, crinoline, etc.)
  • Pick out hairstyle for maid of honor.
  • Finish bouquets.
  • Attend tux fitting for groom and best man.
  • Finalize honeymoon plans.
I feel like I still have even more to do though I can't think of what it is I need to do. I have to remember not to stress but I also am realistic that I have to do most of these "to-do" items in the next two months instead of three. The 1st weekend of May is no longer just the Derby - it's also Vintage Torque Fest (and my birthday) - which James and I will be attending Torque Fest. After that car show, I'll only have two weeks in May to finalize any last minute thing but not much else. *breathes in* *breathes out* Thoughts? Helpful tips? Post below, please!

Miss Liz

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