Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wedding Wednesday #13: Hairy Scary

I'm at a loss on how to style my hair for the wedding. Now that my hair is shorter I suppose I'll just do a curly, retro inspired style with curled bangs - sort of a typical Marilyn Monroe style. I'm also thinking about my maid of honor's hair and what would look nice on her. I've contacted a few salons around town for pricing info on bridal styles but no further along in what I would like. I keep running into the question of "Are you wearing a veil?" or "Are you wearing a fascinator?" At the rate of indecision, I'll just end up with barrettes. Lauren Rennells published a new book, Create Vintage-Inspired Wedding Hairstyles, which I might look into. The styles are retro-esque/inspired by vintage styles not actually vintage. Hmmm....Favorite styles? Suggestions? Comment below please.

Miss Liz

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