Friday, February 20, 2015

Model Car Show

Tomorrow I will be attending the 1/25th scale road block model car show, hosted by the Blacktop Barons Car Club, assuming Winter Storm Octavia doesn't ruin anymore of my plans. It's been such an unusual week. The show starts at noon, rather early for James and me since my bus comes in at 5am, but we'll make it. We have to! James is working on a few model cars - one of which is my Cadillac!

The frame/base. So shiny!
Thinning the paint - a pink pearl of sorts.

Floorboards and white wall tires.

I'm really not sure about this last photo. I think parts are drying? I hope the car is assembled by Saturday, in time for the show! Either way I'll let you know! Have a great weekend!

Miss Liz

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