Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wedding Wednesday #10: Paper Bouquets

Many wedding items are underway and being crossed off the list: 
  • wedding dress
  • rings
  • bouquets
I had originally wanted a brooch bouquet, a ball encrusted with vintage brooches and gems, as a lovely keepsake of the wedding. Unfortunately, a brooch bouquet is quite costly either to make or to purchase. I could go the route of regular flowers. They die. I dislike paying for something as temporary as flowers. After some suggestions from friends I started researching paper bouquets until I came across kusudama bouquets on pinterest and etsy. I've discovered the bouquets are easy to make! Though a bit time consuming, I do have mondays off and things will be less crazy after the holidays allowing me more time to make bouquets (and maybe, just maybe fix my computer).
I'm excited to make these bouquets - to contribute to the wedding with something personally hand crafted. While the flowers do take a while they are fully customizable to coordinate with my wedding colors and go with the flow of a casual, outdoor wedding. I'm even making the boutonnieres in the same style. In two weeks (hopefully) I'll be able to share a tutorial on how to make kusudama bouquets. Next week? Gemstones used in weddings - meanings and superstitions. I'm so excited to share all my research on wedding stuff with you all! Stay tuned!

Miss Liz

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