Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday #8: Wedding Updates

With November nearly over, I'm left with almost 6 months until the wedding - it's time to start scrambling. Surprisingly, though, I've accomplished a bit in the last few weeks. I need to consult (and find) my check list to make sure I'm still on track. So far I have:
  • Ordered my dress! Despite it being sold out at Unique Vintage (I contacted them to double check at the suggestion of a friend & got a discount for future use!) I found my size at 6pm - free shipping! Pretty stoked all the way around.
  • Discovered I would be having attendants after all. James had promised a friend he could be the best man when he got married someday so there we are. I asked a friend to be my maid of honor :)
  • I notified the photographer of this as well.
  • Also, on that note, I picked out my colors.
  • I decided on the type of bouquets for the wedding, which will be a separate post and an awesome diy touch to the wedding.
I know I still have a fair amount to do such as check back in with the officiant (see how the vows are coming along) and think about whether or not to have cake/cupcakes as well as looking into reserving rooms at a hotel for the out of town guests. I'm glad I have a handle on things. It's not so scary as it can be. I can't wait to get the supplies for the bouquets! For those curious, I'm making custom (of course!) flower bouquets known as kusudama - which can be viewed here and here. Hooray!

Miss Liz

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