Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday #7: Wedding Dress Blues

Some people plan their weddings well in advance. They dream of it and simply insert the groom when the time comes. Me? Not so much. Instead, I chose to customize this as everything else in my life and also plan at whim, if you will. That being said, I'm not the bride who had a designer in mind for the dress of my dreams.

However, I did find a dress. I liked it well enough. I visited the website and looked at it often. After awhile I considered it the perfect wedding dress. See? It looks vintage, has lace (I really want a lace dress), came in my size, *and* is on sale. Who could resist? Apparently, I could. Due to a decrease in hours at work and my now very tight budget I kept putting it off with the resolution of "I'll order it soon". I missed the boat. The dress is still on sale but, of course, no longer in my size. While I'll consider ordering the large math dictates that if a waist is 30 inches and mine is 32inches then it's not going to work out. I didn't want to like a dress for this reason. I suppose I dragged my heels, too, on the principle of practicality. I'm glad the dress is on sale for $50. However, even if I pay $50 I should wear the dress more than once. So the hunt resumes for a dress that states "I'm the bride" and "I can wear this more than once". Wish me luck, I need it. Suggestions? Feel free to comment below.

 Miss Liz

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