Friday, October 10, 2014

What to wear Halloween 2014

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James and I were invited to a Halloween party, the weekend prior to Halloween, hosted by the Voodoo Kings. Of course, I'm excited! Last year, Halloween was a bit of a wash. I attended a party with Melinda in which I was the only person who dressed up. This year, however, I have been properly informed that this is a costume party. The question now is what to wear?

I'm searching etsy rather tirelessly. I have my Sailor Moon cosplay. I'm missing a glove. I need boots. Also, I need to repair the wig the "meatballs" are falling apart. In reference to the clip above, which I think of every Halloween, I've noticed many skimpy Sailor Moon cosplay outfits. *sighs* I guess every needs options? I just need a few extra pieces. Of course, Evon makes cosplay outfits. Maybe she can help me out? Hmmm.....I'll run it by her.

I was informed last weekend, at the very cold Iron Invasion show, that I should dress warmly for the Halloween party. On that note, I'll save Sailor Moon for another time, though I should find the other glove or have one made. Instead, I think I'll revisit last years outfit with a few modifications since I'll be taking the greyhound up.

  • Lolita Wig
  • Faux fur jacket
  • Super high top chucks instead of boots
  • At least two pairs of tights - fishnets with a layer of socks
It's not technically a costume though it is dressing up! I think it's just fun to dress up for Halloween. What are some of your favorite costumes? Comment below! 

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