Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wedding Wednesday #5: Registry Etiquette

As progress of the wedding is under way it occurred to me that, even though I'm not having bridal showers, perhaps we should register somewhere for those that still want to give wedding gifts. Something that makes it a bit more traditional. Yet, we've both acquired home items along the way. I have dishes. James has utensils. I have furniture, etc. We're considering having a traditional registry (Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond) for home goods and a fun registry (does Cabela's have a registry option?) for stuff we like to do: camping at car shows.

My concern is what is the proper etiquette on this matter? Weddings often come with so many guidelines and it's best to learn what they are so as to not offend others. So what is a camping car show loving couple to do? Consult the wedding oracles - Emily Post and Martha Stewart - for the best advice on offering gift options, when of course, a gift is not required. A gift is just that - a gift.

Registry guidelines according to Emily Post:
  • Registries are helpful to guests for selecting gifts. This can help reduce multiples.
  • Registry information is not included on invitations. This can be listed on a wedding website. 
  • Most often guests inquire of registries through the bridal party or the couple directly.
  • More than one registry is fine but limit to no more than four.
  • Traditional and non traditional registries are fine. Older guests are more comfortable with traditional registries.
  • Have variety in your registry offering different items and a range of price points so each guest can purchase a gift within their budget and feel happy to give you.
  • Remember thank-you notes. Ideally notes should be written/sent as gifts arrive but no later than one month after returning from the honeymoon.
Registry guidelines per Martha Stewart
  • Limit registries. No more than three.
  • Register in advance - about four to six months prior to the wedding.
  • It is okay to tell others where you are registered if they inquire, otherwise, listing it on a wedding website is fine. Do not include on/with invitation.
  • Register for a variety of gifts in multiple price ranges to have something for everybody.
  • Write thank you notes as gifts arrive. No later than three months after wedding.

As you can see even though most of the guidelines are similar, there is some conflicting information. The best solution? Follow the guidelines - such as writing thank you notes - within a reasonable amount of time, no later than three months after the wedding. Some sites state that you can send notes out within a year, but who wants to be writing notes that late? Guidelines are not only to make guests feel comfortable but also to help you as you plan - to reduce stress! Have fun with your registry! I'm off to Cabela's to pick out car show gear!

Do you have favorite gifts or favorite places to register? Feel free to comment below!

Miss Liz

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