Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wedding Wednesday #4: Crossing things off my list!


Proud to say I've made actual progress. I sat down the other night, with my Martha Stewart checklist in one hand and a black pen in the other, and crossed off items I don't need to worry about and circling those that I need to complete. I have slightly over a month to finish my primary tasks:
  • Book a photographer.
  • Book an officiant/Justice of the Peace.
  • Find a dress & accessories.
  • Book the reception.
 And completed half of that list so far. Yesterday, I contacted the person James and I agreed upon for our officiant *and* he agreed! I'm so excited and honored to have Pete perform our ceremony! Consequently, this knocks out the reception too, as we plan on having the reception during the Beatersville bbq - might as well make it easy. 


As for a photographer, James had a suggestion which I'm completely fine with, so I've contacted the lady - now waiting for a response. Ah, waiting. In the meantime, I'm searching etsy (again) for the perfect dress, hair piece, and bouquet. I appreciate all my friends sending me links for dresses! Maybe I'm being picky but I swear I'll know the dress when I see it. Not to say I don't have some runners up as possibilities but nothing definite yet.

Additionally, I've looked into far off things such as obtaining marriage licenses. In the state of Kentucky, licenses are only valid for 30 days so James and I will have to arrange for James to come down (maybe prior to Vintage Torque Fest) so we can get the license together. I'm excited so much is coming together! I can use this gained time to plan out the honeymoon! And I'm off...

Miss Liz

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