Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wedding Wednesday #2: Setting Deadlines

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Last Wednesday, I introduced the wedding workbook along with the goals for each segment prior to the wedding. The 6+ months ahead of the wedding segment has many important things to secure prior to moving forward. It can be downright paralyzing looking at the goals. Originally, I had given myself the deadline of one month for all those options. Yeah, I realized that's over achieving, and quite frankly, stressful/scary. Instead, I've increased my deadline to November giving me an extra few weeks to finalize things.

Source: DotSpin

For this month and a half my focus (should it be foci since I have several?) is on finding and reserving the following: location for the wedding, a reception, a photographer, the honeymoon, an officiant, and decide on a cake. That's six things and I know I had a list of ten. Where's my list? The other four must not have been as important ;) Broken down that's at least two tasks a week. I can manage that. I already have outlines in my mind on what I would like for the wedding, reception, and cake - though I will have to confer with James, of course, to make sure we're on the same page.

 For the wedding itself, it's a small intimate affair. Some place with a pretty little gazebo would be nice. I've looked into a few places around town such as Whitehall (their website is not helpful), Conrad and Caldwell House, and a few of the down town hotels. All a bit more than I'm willing to spend. I just want something nice for my family to attend. 

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The reception might be shared with another event - we're fine with this. We want to ask our friends who throw a yearly pre-car show bbq if we could do the reception with the bbq - making for one big, fun filled, rockabilly evening. We'll see. I have my eye on some other options as well if that doesn't turn out. We could always just go out and celebrate with the family afterwards - a nice dinner followed by an evening at a downtown hotel. Nice, quiet, intimate, and simple.

I've already been told to spend the most money on the photographer. I know I want nice pictures and have the retro style in mind. I want a photographer who can accommodate. Should I research photographers in Louisville? Or search for a specialized photographer who will travel? Maybe a photographer I've worked with in the past? This is going to be a hard one but it will pay off in the end.
Source: DotSpin

It's good to know what you want prior to your wedding. It's easy to get bogged down in a thousand different wedding magazines, with all their "helpful" suggestions, and in the end very stressed and off focus. Keep your focus on what is important to you/what you would like. Don't worry with what magazines/family/friends think you should include. Do what makes you happy (within your budget of course). Lastly, it's okay to move a deadline if you realize you will be over stressed or short on time. Stick to your deadline after that. Don't procrastinate - you want to have fun and enjoy your special day!

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