Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wedding Wednesday #1: Planning & Preparing

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Recently engaged and planning a wedding, set for May 23, 2015, and finishing up the car show season - it's a little hectic. In three weeks, car shows are finished for the season, and things will relatively settle down. Of course, then it's the holidays, and I just have to keep going. I can't lose any time for all that's going on. I have a lot of planning to do! I already know I want a small wedding - close family only - with a large reception! I have an idea of the dress I want (and I've already been disappointed a few times as well). The real question is: where do I start?

Martha Stewart to the rescue! With entire collections on everything, Martha Stewart has a whole website devoted to everything wedding, as well as multiple books on the subject: everything from cakes to flowers, etiquette and colors, Martha has you covered. My favorite thing is this simple timeline guide - it shows exactly what to worry about and when. The best part? The wedding planner guide is free! You can search for it (martha stewart wedding planner) or get the pdf here. How awesome is that?! There's so much to do but now it's in manageable bits to reduce being overwhelmed and stressed out.

As of right now I am in the first category of 6+ months ahead and I've already:
  • Finalized the wedding date -  Saturday May 23, 2015.
  • Decided on the type of wedding - informal, small.
  • Set my budget.
  • Compiled guest list & organized addresses.

Out of 16 items (2 of which I'm not doing) with 4 completed, I still have 10 items remaining which I intend to finish within the month. One item in particular, ordering my dress, is becoming most difficult. I know what I would like - it's finding it.

So far I have found this:

Liz | Whirling Turban

and this:

Trashy diva

Candice Gwinn Slim Pencil Skirt | Vintage Inspired Wedding Skirt |...

The dress - inspired by Liz Taylor (and bearing my name) - is out of my price range. *sad panda* The wedding skirt suit is something I've dreamed of forever. My grandmother told me she eloped with my grandfather (in the 50's). They had a civil union service and she wore a simple wedding suit. I've always wanted to do that ever since...and I thought I had found said suit. The skirt is available in my size and on sale! However, the top, is only available in sizes 4 and 6. Here, let me crush my ribs. There that's better. No. Not likely. The search continues. If anyone comes across any wedding style suits in a size 10 or higher (I can always have it tailored) please leave it in the comments or email me, whichever you prefer. Thanks!

Miss Liz

p.s. An update to yesterday's post - my bow arrived today! I've already started practicing :)

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