Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Miss Jalopy Fest 2014

I'm so excited! This Thursday, James is driving down to pick me up for Jalopy Fest! This has been the most fun summer since this is my first time to attend all these car shows. Additionally, Jalopy Fest is the first car show since Blue Ribbon Beer Run (that one was rigged, unfortunately) to have a pinup contest - which I entered! I'm so excited! Yeah, I know. I already said that. I just can't help it. Since we're camping for this show (like we did for Symco - in a tent) James has set me up with a hair and makeup appointment for right before the pinup contest!

I am receiving the dream parrot pants from Pinup Girl Clothing that I've been eyeing up for weeks! I intend to wear this fabulous outfit for the contest but have a back up as well. Decisions...decisions!

Miss Jalopy Fest #1

Additionally, I have been chosen for Evon Von's feature model of the month for September! This is a real honor!

I'm so excited for all the opportunities happening! After I get back from Jalopy Fest get ready for a newly redesigned blog - I just got photoshop! Hope to see some of you at the show!

Miss Liz

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