Monday, September 8, 2014

Jalopy Fest V (2014)

Aloha! The Miss Jalopy Fest Pinup Contest was (of course) a tiki themed contest. Despite having an annoying slight cold, I willed myself out and about that day to have hair and makeup done prior to the contest. My makeup was done by the lovely and talented, Alyson O'Connell! For hair, Claire Coffin, of Divas 'N Dogs, gave me a fabulous victory roll up do!

Unfortunately, there was a snafoo with the contest, a "mishandling" of my entry & stating that was I wasn't in the contest. After sorting that out it was still unclear as to when the contest would start. When the contest started (I was the first announced) I was being told that the contest was starting and was running to the event. When I got there, it was in progress, but it seemed I would go last. Except I didn't. I stood and waited patiently. A woman came in and stood next to me. Then when I thought my name would be called it wasn't - the lady who just came in walked up. She was a back up in case someone didn't show up and therefore was able to take my spot. *sighs* It wouldn't have been so awkward/humiliating if another contestant (not the gal who took my spot)  on stage hadn't been smirking at me like she knew this would happen.

Despite the mix-up, James and I stayed and watched the contest. Each contestant was introduced for the first round. A panel of judges selected eight contestants for the second round, in which contestants were asked questions. After that the selection went to runner ups (I think there were three or four) and a winner. It was nice to see a contest with judges instead of letting the crowd decide with monetary votes.

Car courtesy of Retarded Sparks Car Club
After the contest, James snapped a few pictures of me against a friend's car, as well as a few of just me. Might as well enjoy my hair and makeup!

Later in the evening we joined some madness called a hot lap? James and I camped with the Five Aces car club and piled onto someone's truck. In addition to the three bicycles and whatever else was in the truck bed - we hauled at least 12 people in the bed of the truck. As the driver wheeled madly around the show site we acquired even more people. There were two teens on bicycles who pedaled and hung on to the truck with a free hand so as to be a part of it. Sadly, as we rounded the corner of the Voodoo Kings car club and acquired Voodoo Larry, the Jalopy Fest officials said we all had to get off. Bummer. Though short lived the hot lap was tons of fun!

To finish off the fun weekend, at the end of the car show, after James and I had packed the car - he got down on one knee and proposed! Yes! Yes! For those curious, we're planning on May - the Beatersville Car show weekend - for the wedding date ;) I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Miss Liz

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