Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Iron Invasion 2014

Next week starts the craziness with the end of the car show season. Back to back weekends, I have car shows. First up is Ducktail Run in Gas City, Indiana followed by Iron Invasion in Woodstock, Il. Ducktail Run seems to be a laid back event - no pinup contest - just four days of camping and spending time with James, Dana, and Allen. Iron Invasion, however, is the last hurrah of the season which includes the ultimate pinup contest. This contest has it all: a facebook contest with the final 15 chosen from submissions with the most "likes", an introduction with 3 poses on stage (in period appropriate vintage attire), and a talent portion with a 3 minute talent!

I was a little nervous but having decided (mostly) on a talent I'm feeling better now. Though, as usual, there is a slight hang up. My chosen talent was to play 3 minutes of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 arrangement for 2nd violin. 

I've played this piece repeatedly in middle and high school so I'm very familiar and comfortable with it. The problem is not the music (for once) but the instrument. My violin is badly out of tune (which I can/am fixing) but my bow is shot. The hairs just fall out of the bow - despite intentional care. I bought a new bow. It won't arrive until after the contest. *sighs* James said his niece plays violin and I may borrow hers for the contest (I hope it's a full size) but that means I can't practice prior to the contest - making me so nervous. I could change the course of my action and pick a different talent. I could compose a 3 minute belly dance routine but I would have to change my outfit and find an outfit, for that matter. I'm a little stumped. Any suggestions? What are some of your favorite talents? Suggestions in the comments are appreciated!

Miss Liz

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