Monday, August 4, 2014

My Vegas Style

Finally! The post you've been waiting vintage-inspired fashion collages for the challenge! Not having access to my own computer during this challenge has proved to be difficult but certainly encouraged me to finish in a timely manner. After viewing the Aria Resort and Casino - which has plenty of attractions to offer - I realized there would be more than one outfit, much like going to a car show. I had a lot of fun with this, picking out fabulous outfits from the closet of the internet - if only my actual closet for some of these outfits!
Cruisin' around
This is a great outfit for walking around the resort and taking in the views. Maybe some shopping? A spa day? Possibly a trip to the casino? Of course, I was indecisive and have a back up casual outfit as well. The second outfit can go from lunch at the Lemongrass to dancin' the night away inside Haze night club. Spice up the evening with a few accessories to transition from day to night!
Havana Days

Havana Nights

Perhaps dinner at Javier's before dancing the night away? Or maybe a dreamy date?
Date Night

Maybe just skip dinner altogether and head down to the chapel for an elopement Vegas style.
Classy Elopement

I hope you all enjoy my fantasy vacation to Vegas! I know I had a blast picking out the outfits. Maybe I'll get those parrot capris since there are more car shows coming up...Speaking of which I'll be at Symco Shakedown this weekend! Hope to see you there!

Cherry Cream Soda preview 

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