Monday, August 25, 2014

Kentucky State Fair 2014

Yesterday, I attended the Kentucky State Fair with James and Melinda. We had free passes courtesy of my grandparents. Every year, my grandmother enters quilts in the state fair (often winning ribbons or honorable mentions) and receives extra tickets. As a thank you for free tickets we always view the quilts. The quilt above was the blue ribbon winner. Two other quilts were entered as well though no ribbons or mentions for those entries.

Offering plenty of exhibits we attended the fair for 4-5 hours. Not surprisingly, the antiques display is one of my favorite exhibits though *sadly* not for sale.

I assumed this to be a perfume type bottle. The entry tag stated it was from the '20s.
A mechanical toy for Farmer in the Dell. To the far left is a cheese head. Weird.

The cheese head has an evil grin. Creepy.
Elvis memorabilia made me think of Carmen Lee. 
Not sure if these were paper dolls but I loved the illustration.
Past the exhibits, the county booths, and the vendors, on the far wall, Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky, Inc., a non profit organization for the rehabilitation of injured birds of prey, had set up their display. At the booth visitors are able to make donations as well as learn about the organization; which provides care for injured birds of prey. While about 60% of birds are released back into the wild, some birds are unable to be released and are cared for by the organization.

Smaller birds of prey

Great horned owl - never could get a decent frontal picture

I hope you all enjoyed my trip to the fair as much as I did!

Miss Liz

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