Friday, July 18, 2014

Welcome to A Pinup Extraordinaire!

Quite a milestone - my 100th post and with some lovely changes! The new name really encompasses everything at once and sets the tone for the blog. The new url,, is much, much shorter and easier to remember/type than the previous. I hope you all like the changes. I'll be revamping the blog design too. I want something clean, but modern. I'm looking at templates galore and getting inspiration for ideas. Yes, my computer is still out. I need to back up some word files and then it's caput. My mom suggests I get a new tower altogether though I think I could get a new hard drive + labor for a much more reasonable cost. Thoughts? I could really use some suggestions for my computer situation.

Tons of pics from the last car show. James showing support with his new Carmen Lee shirt!

I've been told that I can install a hard drive on my own - which I really thought I could anyways so I think that's the route I'll take. It's certainly less expensive and I like learning new things. I expect it'll be a *fun* day ;)

Rockin' out with Carmen Lee in my Carmen Lee tee - James & I did not wear matching shirts that day ;)

I'm quite excited for all the changes that are going on: there are many. We're changing owners at work and adding more receptionists (yay!). At the same time I'm looking for work in Indiana as I'll be moving in late September. I've been compiling bedroom/closet ideas on pinterest. I'm really excited for the changes in my life, my blog/work, and my relationship with James. Everything is finally coming together -- on that note I have a photo shoot on the 27th (of this month) in Ohio! In addition to the four retouched images I'll receive - one of my images will be featured in a calendar! I'm the month of May :) I've been looking for a green  gingham top as it's a country/barn themed shoot but I haven't found what I want so far. I have another week to find something - no worries. Although I am looking for a Miss Fortune green plaid shirt from the texas rose line (no longer available on the website), if someone comes across one let me know in the comments section, please? I've been searching for a bit.

 Cherry Cream Soda

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