Monday, July 28, 2014

Pin Up Country/Barn Photo Shoot

This was a very busy weekend between regular work and a photo shoot in Carlisle, Ohio!  I had a blast with Malinda, owner of My Pinup Creations, who orchestrated the whole shoot. She's such a sweet gal! I can't wait to do more shoots with her! I'm also very grateful that she and the photographer, Robert R. Osborne, patiently waited for me as I was stuck in traffic for an hour or so due to an accident on 71 between Erlanger, KY and Covington, KY.

It wasn't enough to sit in bumper to bumper traffic - it had to rain as well! ;)

On our way!

After the major traffic back up it was smooth sailing all the way to Carlisle. The shoot was on a friend's farm - a most awesome backdrop! There were bales of hay, wagons, stairs, stills, and tons of other options for shoots. I only get to select four pictures (though I can contact the photographer if I wish to choose more) but honestly I don't know how I won't choose them all - I saw the shots on the camera and they were too cute! Best of all is that I'll be Miss May for the 2015 calendar put together by My Pinup Creations :)

James & I doing our interpretation of "American Gothic" - Ha ha!

Later this week, maybe even today, I'll select my photos. Additionally, after the photos are edited they will be available as signed prints for purchase when I get the blog redesign finished. Very pleased for all the new changes!

Miss Liz

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