Monday, July 7, 2014

Pinup Travel Solutions

Having some problems recently: possible computer fail, internet acting screwy, misplaced makeup, etc.  The first is the major concern. I'm not turning on my computer as much these days since I noticed a dreaded ticking noise last week.  I moved all my photos to my dropbox & still haven't viewed my photos from Retrocentric. I need to back up all my word docs as well but the internet is being flaky - maybe it's the weather -  I really don't know. Lastly, I misplaced my everyday make up & have no clue where it is - most annoying since I was using it everyday and have an upcoming car show this weekend - the Blue Ribbon Beer Run. It's always something right before a car show.

That being said at least I have a leg up on my packing, not that I've started that either. After the last show I wanted more organization inside my bag - instead of the pile of chaos despite my neatly folded piles of clothes. I wanted a mesh bag similar to a laundry bag but with a zip top to allow easy removal of clothing. Lo and behold! I found exactly what I was looking for (amazing!) on -  packing cubes. This weekend was a great weekend for all kinds of sales and ebags had the entire site on sale not to mention if you signed up for their savings club you received an additional 10% off your order and free shipping (on orders over $25) - I received my set of bags within two days! Two days! I love prompt service. 

I got a set of three in varying sizes: small, medium, and large. I even used the large bag this weekend for an overnight stay - in lieu of an overnight bag. The size large is big enough for pants, skirts, etc. For an overnight stay I packed the next day's outfit (a skirt & top), my standby bag of toiletries, pjs, & undergarments. I still had room to stuff other items if I had needed them. I'm quite thrilled that my vintage skirts (and other vintage pieces) can be packed safely for trips without other items crashing into them, possibly soiling or tearing them. The packing cubes are rectangular shaped with a handle on the back & made of a sturdy nylon with breathable mesh on top to allow for ventilation of clothes.

I'm excited to pick out my outfits and pack my bag knowing it won't be a mad mess of clothes this time! I guess I'll start packing soon and hunt down my make up ;)

Miss Liz

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