Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blue Ribbon Beer Run 2014: Success

I was unable to participate in the pinup contest for the  Blue Ribbon Beer Run as the cut off date was in May - two  whole months before the show! Maddening. Despite such things, I still attended the car show with my favorite people: James, Allen, & Dana. We had a blast! Allen pinstriped nearly everything at the show ;) We started the day with the Voodoo Kings of Illinois as Allen striped the hood and gate of a snazzy wagon.

I was finally able to meet Miss Carmen Lee in person at this show! I have several pictures of such, including me (and later James) rockin' out our Carmen Lee band tees  - I contemplated buying another at the show but refrained. My shopping haul was much lighter this show consisting of vintage scarves (3), handmade cherry earrings, and a vintage red bead necklace for my cherry print dress.

Later in the day Allen striped the dashboard of a car (I didn't pay attention to the car club), a diner napkin holder (wish I had pics of that!), high heel shoes, and a bass.  The best part of the evening - Allen let a "future" pinstriper,  a little girl, try her hand at pinstriping! It was a really sweet moment.

We spent the evening with the Retarded Sparks car club - I had James get some pictures of me in one of the club cars. Milwaukee was colder than I anticipated and (not surprisingly for those who know me) I spent most of the afternoon in a jacket since I thought I would freeze to death - in July. Haha! Much later in the evening though the cold front  turned into rain and it down poured right before the Krank Daddies took stage. The event shifted from an outside stage to an indoor venue but with the AC cranked! I learned, once again, to always take pants since you never know when it might be cold.

Lastly, my computer is still on the fritz - mostly likely I need a new hard drive which I'm putting off at the moment. I've moved most of my files to free up space, cleaned my disks, and various other performance tasks to have my computer function but not fully work.  It's very frustrating but not much I can do except hope for the best and call an IT guy on my day off. Hooray.

Cherry Cream Soda

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