Friday, June 13, 2014

Getting Ready for Road Rocket Rumble 2014

I'm sorry for missing Wednesday's post.  It's been a crazy week - an engagement (other friends) and a birth :) My best friend's sister had a baby earlier this week and the cousins from Alabama came up. I went with them yesterday to see the new addition.

I didn't prepare for Wednesday's post. I've taken on more hours at work and making time to read isn't happening though I'm probably not making a wise use of my time and making excuses for such. I'm thinking about doubling reviews and doing them Monday & Wednesday or splitting Wednesday into a review every other week with the original topic as well. We'll see if that format works better.

I am going to Road Rocket Rumble next week! I'm really very excited though some of my excitement is lessened since I'm waiting to see if I'm riding with friends or taking a bus to Indianapolis. Taking a bus isn't the worst but I hate being separated from my luggage. If I could go with friends or have a friend take me that would be ideal - James is bringing me home after the show in a classic car! :)

James and me last weekend

For all the outfits I didn't wear for Beatersville I'm wearing for Road Rockets and I'm ordering some tops from Heart of Haute this weekend - I hope they arrive in enough time.

I love this outfit it's so cute! I can't wait to use that Lux de Ville purse again! I hesitated wearing it for Beatersville since it wasn't actually Memorial day - I'm never sure on that rule so I just wait until after Memorial day to be safe.  I'm ordering the black Gigi top to go with these other two outfits as well:

I'm also pleased I've even made a decision on my hairstyles.  I know for the weekend I'll be camping with the car club though I should have use of a facility somehow. To err on the safe side I'm going to wet set curl my hair the day before I go up, push my bangs back, and clip in my Bettie bangs. It's a cute and easy look. I can cover the seam from the clip in hair with a hair scarf or take curly sections and brush them together to create victory rolls above the bangs. I love it when my hair is easy :)

Curls slightly brushed out after a wet set
If you're going to Road Rocket Rumble I hope to see you there!

Miss Liz

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