Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wonder Woman Power Posing

Wonder Woman
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A few weeks ago, my friend came into work and was telling me about a TED talk she heard while on her way.  The talk was about power posing, like Wonder Woman, for two minutes a day to change your outlook on the day.  You can view the talk below (it's about 21 minutes) delivered by social psychologist, Amy Cuddy.

Key points:
  • Nonverbals affect not only how others perceive us but also how we perceive ourselves.
  • Power posing two minutes a day can change the whole outlook on the day. You might take more risks, be more assertive, confident, and comfortable.
  • "Fake it until you make it"-- Your body can change your mind. Taking the power stance for two minutes increases testosterone levels and tricks the body/mind into feeling powerful.
  • Bodies change minds which change our behavior - changing the outcome of experiences.
You're probably curious if I've tried this and I have, though not consistently. The days I did remember to power pose I felt more confident and generally achieved more of the daily tasks I had set out to do. Also, several of the therapists I work with have encouraged me to start yoga (I keep saying I will though have failed to do so) as method for reducing my stress. The two minute power pose also served as a nice two minute meditation :)

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