Friday, May 30, 2014

Beatersville 2014: Success

Since I've been talking about Beatersville for nearly a month it's only appropriate to see the results. If you're on my Facebook or follow me on instagram you've already seen most of them but here's a few extras anyhow :)

Here's all the Miss Beatersville Contestants after they presented us. I'm in the middle in the cherry print dress and Lauren is 5th from the front in the blue green skirt. We all look so cute! The first gal in line (in the red strapless dress) won as Miss Beatersville 2014.

Photo taken by Boudoir Louisville

Prior to the car show, the day before, Lauren and I went to the pre-Beatersville bbq & hootenanny. We had a blast: Jane Rose & the Deadend Boys did a show followed by a wedding renewal. Not to mention I met a sweet guy - spent the day with him a the car show. I think he's a keeper.

Sitting with James and Lauren at the Jane Rose show @ Beatersville.

The Lovely Lauren!
Aww! Hugging James (or James hugging me) prior to leaving.
I realize not many car pictures for having been to a car show. The group I was with did take a lot though I was mostly enjoying myself and being with all my friends. I acquired a second purse at the Boudoir Louisville booth and after that found digging in my original purse to be cumbersome, ha ha. I'm planning on attending Road Rocket Rumble (though looking for a ride up there) in June. I'll try to take more car pictures then ;)

Miss Liz


  1. You look so gorgeous!!! I love your makeup!!!

    1. Aw! Thanks dear! My skills are improving :)