Friday, May 23, 2014

All things Beatersville 2014: Hairstyles

Last Friday I lamented not knowing which outfit to wear (still no closer on that decision) as well as a lack of planning on hair. Since I have work on Saturday, prior to the bbq, I plan on dressing nicer most likely wearing one of the skirts to work that day (like any other day really) and possibly doing one of the more casual looks for the car show (then I don't have to worry about leg chafing either). With that in mind I could a down hair do for the bbq and an up do for the car show.

I really liked this tutorial from Pinup Doll Ashley Marie. Seems like this could be perfect for the barbeque. Though I'll have time constraints that morning since I'll have work so most likely I'll prep my hair the night before with pillow rollers. I can curl the bangs in the morning, tease the pillow curls, and fluff them out so I won't be following the tutorial exactly as I know how mornings go for me.

If I go casual for the car show I'll probably go for a pomp. At Retrocentric they did my pomp differently and rolled it back like a backwards curl - instead of teasing and pinning the hair down. It also depends on which casual look I go for whether or not I opt in favor of the jeans and tank or for something more sultry like an off the shoulder top paired with the tiger pants.

The Vintage Doll show cases some different hairstyles. More possibilities. Especially for the casual outfit....

Kandy K has an easy down style with bangs similar to Pinup Doll Ashley Marie's. These are all great options and relatively easy for Saturday morning. Maybe I'll make a decision. Maybe.

Miss Liz

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