Monday, April 21, 2014

A Pinup Makeover This Week!

I'm very excited to announce that my pinup makeover will culminate this Friday! The lovely Lauren recently went to Beechmont Bombshells (the same day I went in fact) and had her unintentional ombre chopped off.  Now that her hair is a more suitable length I can style it. We decided that no makeover would be complete without photos (pics or it didn't happen) and had originally planned to just attend the Beatersville car show in May.  Before I could tell Lauren about the Miss Beatersville contest she got wind of it and wants to enter as well! I'm so excited. Online submissions are due by April 30th so I snagged us a photographer for a mini shoot this Friday!

I'm super excited! This is my first pinup makeover (on someone besides myself) using all my natural makeup products - Lauren will look lovely and be healthy!  Additionally, to help Lauren - and my closet - I gave her some vintage clothing pieces to start her wardrobe.

I love this dress! So sad it never fit me but it has a very ecstatic new owner :)

Every vintage collection needs some Lily Pulitzer
In case that's not enough excitement next Saturday, May 3rd, is my birthday. As a present to myself I've arranged to have a photo shoot with Retrocentric.  I can't wait! Two shoots in two weeks! Stay tuned for Lauren's transformation on Friday and sneak peeks/behind the scenes at Retrocentric next Saturday.

Miss Liz


  1. This is too cool! I can't wait to see how her transformation turns out!

    I'm stoked for your two shoots too!

  2. Thanks dear! Ha ha, I have to make it through the work week ;) I might explode before then. There's so much exciting going on :D