Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Military Inspired Shoot

I'm so excited! I finally did a military inspired shoot over the weekend at Fort Knox.  I even got to pose on the tanks and wore a tanker's uniform.  It was tons of fun and so exciting!  I'm still waiting on pictures from the other two photographers but have some I can share.  On Monday (August 5th) I will be doing an outdoor shoot in old buildings! I'm so glad to be doing fun shoots.  I'm really expanding my horizons as a model and my portfolio, too.  Of the photos I'm about to share I still get to pick about 15 to have edited but have access to all my photos from the shoot.  Some are so awesome I can't imagine editing (they'll be more awesome).  In my down time (such as today) I'm emailing other photographers/model ads for more work and looking into a desk job as well.  I'm also scanning the net for any online photo contests for pinups or pinup related submissions.  I am determined to get in print this year.  On that note, I'm saving all my current paid shoot earnings towards a photo shoot with Dynamite Dames so I can work with established pinup photographers as well.  Also, I'm looking into participating in the Viva Las Vegas 2014 pinup contest, though the site hasn't posted any news on this yet.  So many exciting things! Here are a few of my favorite photos from Sunday's shoot:

Dennis Schroader Photography

Dennis Schroader Photography
Dennis Shroader Photography
I'm not a smoker (the photographer got the cigar going for me) but the cigar photo is one of my favorites!  Also, my little hat was perfect for this shoot. So much happiness! 

On an unrelated note if you listen to Rockin' Therapy Radio (which I highly recommend you do)  Carmen Lee has recorded a promo for the station! I love her voice. It's just awesome.  I have an mp3 of the station promo courtesy of Chema. I wish I knew how to share it.  I guess you'll just have to tune in!

Til next time,
Miss Liz

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