Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bumper Bangs/Barbie Bangs

Summer is in full swing! I've been so busy lately.  Aside from that I've been trying out different makeup & hair styles for future use in shoots as well as making my summer a little easier.  I've started really looking for model work and already have three upcoming shoots (two of which are paid!). I'm so excited!

A few weeks ago (or a month ago whichever) Micheline Pitt posted about gold eye shadow as a summer trend.  Using makeup forever and MAC pressed pigment in Blonde Streak, Micheline creates a lustrous illuminating gold eye.  I love it!  Right now I'm recreating the look using Mary Kay's mineral eyeshadow in Honey Spice and plan to add Bomber Betty's sheer bronze eyeshadow.  I love the look.  It's simple but stunning.  For the summer, I like to spend as little time as possible in the bathroom getting ready.  Bathroom lights get unbearably hot -- almost as warm as the temperatures outside! I plan on using this look in upcoming shoots.

Google search for image from Micheline Pitt's fb page
Also, I finally had luck with a fake out form of Bumper Bangs -- the 50's style that look similar to the bangs donned by Barbie dolls (hence me calling them Barbie Bangs).  There's several youtube tutorials on how to achieve this look and I've watched most of them until coming to my own conclusion on how to do it for myself.  Both Cherry Dollface & Pinup Doll Ashley Marie offer tutorials on how to do the bangs without a rat -- a style I have yet to successfully achieve.

Cherry Dollface also has a few/several bumper bang tutorials which incorporate a hair rat for stability.

Micheline Pitt uses a rat as well but leaves it whole creating a nice round bang. 

I was in Sally's Beauty one day and saw this hair rat used for creating french twists.  Minus the snaps it looked just like the one Cherry Dollface recommended so I bought it. 

French Twist rat

 After refreshing the red color on my bangs last week I had no desire to heat style my bangs but needed a style for my bangs.  Remembering bits and pieces from the above tutorials I wrapped my hair (starting at the middle) tightly around the rat.  After I had wrapped all my bangs I bobby pinned the ends to my head and pulled my bangs around the rat until it suited me.  Surprisingly super easy and great for summer.

I'll smile one of these days ;)

My bow wanted to flop and look silly but I love how the bangs turned out especially the red that poked through for a bride of frankenstein type essence.  Love it!

Til next time,
Miss Liz

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