Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Slim Whitman & Rockin' Therapy Radio

I had a much different blog for today as I'm finally over my cold, but a friend informed me that Slim Whitman passed away today. :(  I listen to all kinds of music genres but Slim Whitman was one of my favorites.

Slim Whitman -- Country singer/Yodeler
You may have noticed I updated the blog a few days ago.  I added a music player for Rockin' Therapy Radio - 24hrs of rockabilly, surf, psychobilly, western, etc. styles of music.  I tune in at 3pm (eastern) for The Lost Refuge show.  For those fans of Slim Whitman this Saturday (June 22nd) will feature several hours of Slim's music on the station.

Til next time,
Miss Liz

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