Wednesday, May 8, 2013

False eyelashes success!

I have several events coming up this week/weekend and really want to dress up more than normal so I'm making the most of my off days and practicing beauty tricks I have yet to achieve.  As it were, I finally had success! I'm trying to decide which ways to wear my hair this weekend (so many styles and tutorials I'm watching) so I opted to start with something that's been challenging me for awhile -- false eyelashes.  I am very pleased that I got them on properly and that they have stayed on, thus far.  Feels kinda weird but I'm getting used to it.  Also, I have the sensation that my eyes are going to water constantly but thankfully they don't.  If you've struggled with this remember practice makes perfect.  This was not my first attempt.

I don't know if you can see the eyelashes or not it was difficult to take a picture of myself by myself that close then again maybe I'm just special.  Also, for my first attempt I'm wearing natural looking lashes.  They make my lashes look thicker but not too dramatic.  I followed the steps on this Cherry Dollface tutorial:

Right off the bat she shows exactly how to glue and place the eyelashes on so you don't have to fast forward or anything.  She does suggest using a toothpick to apply the glue.  My glue isn't in a tube. It's in a bottle and has a pointed applicator which acts as a toothpick would and certainly allowed more precision in applying the glue.

Goes on white and dries clear. 24hr hold.

Slanted/pointed applicator for precision.
After placing my lashes on as shown in the tutorial I finished off by applying mascara and a quick squeeze from the eyelash curler as also demonstrated in the tutorial.  My lashes are set and I've been wearing them for about two hours.  My next challenge will be removing them before sleep tonight ;)

Til next time,
Miss Liz

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