Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meet Miss Carmen Lee (and the Tomorrow River Two)

I don't really know what kind of music you all might listen to, but I listen to all kinds with my favorites being rock 'n' roll (Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd/The Doors), rockabilly/psychobilly (Tiger Army/Stellar Corpses), and 50's/60's stuff (Chuck Berry/Jerry Lee Lewis/Bobby Darin/Link Wray).  That being said most of my favorite musicians have either passed on or no one has ever heard of them as it were.  Today, I am featuring my darling friend, Carmen Lee.  Carmen Lee is a super talented lady having her own band, runs a vintage shop on ebay, a shop of personally hand crafted items on etsy, does pinup modeling and has also decided to step up and add photographer to her list of many accomplishments.

Photo: Dynamite Dames MUAH: Vintage Flair

Aw, Carmen Lee. She's adorable and has a lovely, haunting voice.  I have their first cd/album "Big Star".  Song number 7 "The Butcher" and number 12 "Don't Fall For The Desperado" are among my favorites.  I love hearing Carmen sing it gives me chills!

                                         "The Butcher" -- my favorite song (read into it what you want)

                                                       "Don't Fall For The Desperado"

I'll be doing a series of posts on Miss Carmen Lee, her band, and other pursuits soon.  This was just a little introduction.  I hope you all enjoyed.  If you become a fan don't forget to like her page on facebook!  A few more pictures for the road ;)

Photo: Cozzie & Pea    MUAH: Carmen Lee

Photo: Cozzie & Pea      MUAH: Carmen Lee

Til next time,
Miss Liz