Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vintage hair, Cherry Dollface tutorials

Today has been a day of half victories as in I only did half of what I planned.  Quite alright since I prefer to have a major freak out and then type my fingers off before an assignment is due ;)  That being said let's view my accomplishments (including this post):

This is the finished product. Hard to smile and photograph myself ;)

I'm pretty pleased with the result though the process took about 45 minutes (just to curl and pin) prior to styling.  To achieve this look I used the method Cherry Dollface uses of pinning curls immediately after curling, also I used a half inch curling iron.  She shows this method on almost every tutorial.  Also, I watch most tutorials repeatedly prior to attempting, I'm no Houdini or hair genius ;) The front bang curl is a variation of her barrel roll and/or the large spit curl.

This video shows how to do the pin curl method, which is the base for most of the vintage styles Cherry showcases.  Here's how I looked after all my hair was curled:

I was a little frustrated that some of my hair did not wish to roll up into curls and just hung out.  My pin curls did not look as neat as Cherry's but then this was my first attempt.  I'm pleased that I didn't stop after I got frustrated with my hair/skill level.  As for the hair I washed it the night before so it wouldn't be fresh or as fresh.  After washing I let my hair air dry and I apply Beautiful Curls curl activating cream.  The instructions on the bottle suggest using the cream from root to tip of the hair.  I did that once and never again since it made my scalp super oily.  I put the most emphasis on the tip of the hair but evenly disperse the cream throughout the hair taking care to not put it on/near the scalp.

I let the pin curls cool thoroughly as instructed in the tutorial.  After taking the clips out I ran my fingers through the curls, combed the top sections of hair to smooth it, and used a paddle brush to make the curls more fluffy or less individualized.  Even though I started the pin curl process with the pin curl tutorial in mind I finished similar to this video:

Of course I didn't pin my hair under.  I couldn't quite figure it out and I'd already had enough "aggravation".  Sometimes, I just like having curls.  My front curl is similar to the one in this tutorial.  To make my curl stand off my head a little bit (not be flat) I pulled up the section and gave the back of the bangs a good tease.  Then I smoothed the hair over with a smoothing brush, rolled the curl, and pinned it into place.  I used a tiny bit of pomade to keep the curled section together as I rolled the curl.  For my "quick" pinup make up (if you can even see it) I used 100% Pure liner in Black Tea applied with an angle liner brush for a flawless cat eye, Physician's Formula Organic Wear lash boosting mascara, Tarte Amazonian clay blush in natural beauty, and my favorite gloss ever: sweetheart balm from Besame Cosmetics in cherry.  I got all dolled up and ran errands ;)

Also, my friend has been checking out the Cherry Dollface tutorials, too!  She was inspired by the faux bang updo tutorial:

Here's how she fared:

The lovely Marie!
We're both novices when it comes to styling hair but I'd say we succeeded.  Marie said it took her about an hour and a half for the bangs.  It'll take less time the more we practice.  She's such a doll. She looks like Liz Taylor!

Til next time,
Miss Liz


  1. You should have smiled in the first picture at the top! Your hair looks gorgeous!!! aww, Marie!!! She should have played Elizabeth Taylor...not Lindsey Lohan, lol.

    1. I looked goofy in the ones where I smiled, but thank you :) I've been using my tablet for photos because I think my camera broke (or its batteries were really low that day). Anywho, it's kinda awkward. I agree Marie should have that role instead of Lindsey Lohan. I'm in favor of that change.