Friday, May 12, 2017

Shakin' what her mama gave her, Miss Crystal McBootay!

Photographer: Roy Varga MUAH: Cristyn Pena
May's pinup of the month is none other than...Miss Crystal McBootay! She is one of my favorite pinup models! I'm very excited and honored to have had the pleasure of interviewing someone I've admired for many years. Scroll down to learn about this doll!

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup and/or pinup modeling?

Well my name is Crystal McBootay and I am a plus size model, I have been in the industry since 2010 and I have loved pinup/retro wear for about 10 yrs now but I have always loved the older style of movies with women with curves showing off what their momma gave them so to speak. I'm very much the type that doesn't shy away from showing off my body but I am known from time to time to wear a circle skirt lol.

Photographer: Jessica Farmer Photography

Do you participate in a vintage or pinup lifestyle?
I try to participate as much as possible during the weekends if the weather permits. Unfortunately, living in the Midwest calls for jeans and leggings (September thru April).

What is your favorite band or musician?
I have a few faves - Tiger Army, Imelda May, Patsy Cline,  Horror Pops and Nina Simone.

Photographer: Sal Hanna

Your favorite classic car (owned or not)?

1960 Chevy Nova

Photographer: Girlie Show MUAH: Jordana Morgan
Who is your inspiration?

I would probably say my grandmother.  She was born during the depression and went to high school in the late 40s /early 50s so she helps me with finding neat pieces and shows me photos from way back when which helps with inspiring outfit ideas and she also is someone who supports my journey thru modeling and just life in general and has taught me a lot about life.

Photographer: Bruce Snow
What makes you an extraordinary pinup?

I don't know if I'm extraordinary but I think I have a good personality and try my best to not be catty and I'd like to think with my modeling that I am helping to inspire anyone of size that we are all beautiful and that we shouldn't judge others for what we look like. 

Either way, she's extraordinary to me! I love inspiring pinups who reflect beauty inside and out! Be sure to check out her facebook and website or follow her on instagram for more of Crystal's positivity and cheer!  Who has been your favorite pinup of the month so far? Would you or someone you know like to be a pinup of the month? Let me know in the comments. Thanks loves!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Have A Honky Tonkin' Time with Miss Carmen Lee

Photographer: Varga Photography MUAH: Kristen O'Conner
For the month of April, Miss Carmen Lee is your leading lady! She's a honky-tonkin' classic country style crooner, vintage lover, photographer, and pinup model. Scroll down to learn what inspires this extraordinarily talented pinup gal!

Photographer: Postcard Photos MUAH: Stephanie Strowbridge
Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup and/or pinup modeling? 

Even though I have loved everything 50's (such as Elvis, polka-dots, ’57 Chevy's, etc.) since I was about 12 years old; I don’t think I realized there was a ‘term’ for it all until I was well into my twenties. I had always sang/wrote songs (wrote my first song at age 4), but it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I formed my own country/rockabilly band. I enjoyed dressing pinup style on stage which led to me getting more into the fashion aspect of it, which then led to me vending at car shows with vintage clothing. During the very first car show I vended at, there was a woman putting on a pinup contest and she asked me to participate.  While I was quite nervous, I decided to give it a shot and to my surprise I made it to the top 12 contestants which resulted in doing a photo shoot with a Bel-Air for the car shows calendar. That was my first ‘real’ pinup shoot about 6 years ago. I loved it so much that I’ve been doing it ever since. My favorite style to shoot is classic 50's pinup but, since I love classic horror films, I love throwing horror themes like pinup zombies, pinup devils or Vampira in there once in a while for fun! 

Photographer: Dynamite Dames MUAH: Vintage Flair

Do you participate in a vintage or pinup lifestyle? 

Yes… I have my own country/rockabilly band (Carmen Lee and The Tomorrow River Two), I vend at car shows with retro/vintage clothing (Big Star Vintage), I do pinup photography (Lucky Penny) and I like to use vintage decor in my home and listen to vintage vinyl, go vintage thrifting, etc…I guess you could say I’ve had a lifelong love affair with vintage!

Photographer: J Miller Photography 
What is your favorite band or musician? 

Elvis Presley…when I was 12 years old I discovered Elvis and his music. I fell in love with everything about him from his style, to his music, to his dance moves, to his stage presence. I’ve been hooked on good old fashioned country/rockabilly ever since…my favorite is his early years in the 1950s/his Sun Studio sound. In fact I love Elvis and ’57 Chevy Bel-Airs (see next question) so much that the title of my upcoming album (set to be released this summer) is about three of my favorite things “Elvis, Zombies and ’57 Chevy's”! 

Photographer: Varga Photography MUAH: Kristen O'Conner
Your favorite classic car (owned or not)?

I’ve always wanted to own a 1957 Chevy Bel-Air…two-toned…it’s so hard to choose one color…maybe sea foam greenish blue and white…or pink and white…or red and white…or black and white… leopard print interior would be sweet! There are so many options I guess I’d just have to have a bunch of Bel-Airs to match all my different outfits and moods and I wish someone would buy me one! 

Photographer: Dynamite Dames MUAH: Vintage Flair
Who is your pinup inspiration? 

My biggest pinup inspiration would have to be Gil Elvgren. I admire his artwork from the 1950s; the sexy cheekiness combined with the classic innocence embodies the American Pinup. I love to try and re-create the vibe of his paintings and capture that feeling with my modeling and photography.

Photographer: Marilee Caruso MUAH: Brandi Proffitt

What makes you an extraordinary pinup? 

I’m not just into pinup for a fun ‘fad’ that may be ‘cool’ at any given moment or for show; I am into pinup because of a lifelong love of all things vintage. I understand and respect the history and the tradition behind it and I hope to keep that classic tradition alive; like the image of a pinup gal on a B-17 bomber in WWII giving the pilot strength and hope to make it through many trials and tribulations until he can make it home to his sweetheart; that Classic American pinup that embodies sexiness while at the same time wholesome class. I infuse pinup into everything I do; on stage with my country/rockabilly band, in front of the camera with my pinup modeling, vending at car shows, and behind the camera with my pinup photography. My hope is that I can keep the tradition alive by sharing my love of vintage/pinup and hopefully spreading the love in the process!

Need more Carmen Lee in your life? Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway! But in the meantime, check out her Facebook or website!

Friday, March 10, 2017

A Genuine Darlin' Miss Ginny Rosewater

Photographer: Matthew Leeland Photography
Checkout Ginny Rosewater, pinup of the month for March! This gal pushes her limits to create her own destiny. Even if you feel you don't fit the mold - don't let it stop you! You can be or do anything you want to! Scroll down to see how this pinup meets her challenges and rises above - extraordinarily!

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup and/or pinup modeling?

I come from a small town in Central Wisconsin and I've always had a love for antiques especially things from the 40's and 50's. When I was a teenager I discovered rockabilly music and loved the style that went with it but it wasn't until college that I discovered the pinup scene. I was getting a tattoo at a local shop and saw a poster for a pinup contest hosted by Carmen Lee. I looked into it and discovered there was actually a pinup scene right here in Wisconsin. I signed up for the contest even though I had never done anything like it before and it really changed my life. I used to be very shy but by pushing myself to do things that scared me, like getting on stage at contests, and even talking to the other ladies at contests I've made so many new friends and gained so much confidence in myself. I always wanted to be a model but because my body didn't fit the mainstream beauty standards I didn't think it would ever be possible but pinup really is something that embraces every figure; short, tall, thin, curvy, every woman can look and feel beautiful in vintage fashion. Five years later and I'm truly living my dream.

Photographer: Riley Kern
MUAH: Miss Rockabilly Ruby
Do you participate in a vintage or pinup lifestyle?

I like to add some vintage flare to my everyday style. High waisted jeans, and undies are great for accentuating that classic hour glass shape and paired with a band tee I can keep things casual. If there's any excuse to dress up I'll throw on a wiggle or swing dress and style my hair but for the most part I'm a very casual girl. I love decorating with vintage accessories and my home has become a very cool mid-century eclectic but I wouldn't say I really live a vintage lifestyle.

Photographer: Shannon Brooke Imagery
Hair: Madame Pomp
Makeup: Malicious Makeup
What is your favorite band or musician?

I go through phases where I can't stop listening to a certain band so it's impossible to say I have a favorite but I can tell you I've been listening to Tiger Army since I was 17 and their latest album is currently in my car's 6 disc changer. Alongside them you would find a mixture of alternative rock, indie folk, and outlaw country. I love checking out and supporting local music and love going to shows any time I can.

Your favorite classic car (owned or not)?

I don't own a classic car yet but it is a dream of mine to some day get one and be able to work on it myself and it's gotta be a GM. General Motors really had it going on in my opinion with the 1954 Chevy 210 and '57 Bel Air; the '51 Buick Special and the '53 Roadmaster, and the '51 Oldsmobile Super 88 being some of my favorites.

Photographer: Wisdom Photography
Who is your inspiration?

I am constantly finding new inspiration when it comes to modeling. Mosh is one of my favorite models to follow for posing inspiration, she is so innovative with the way she uses her surroundings, posing on just about anything she can find and making it look fabulous. Masuimi Max is the queen of facial expressions, something I would really like to improve on in my own photo shoots. I also follow the work of many photographers, my favorite being Shannon Brooke. I try to study the way she uses light and shadow when positioning models so I can try and make better use of light when I'm shooting.

Photographer: Decadence Dolls 
What makes you an extraordinary pinup?

I like to think that what I do inspires other women to follow their dreams, find confidence in themselves and break beauty standards. As I said before I'm from a very small town in Central Wisconsin and I can tell you, modeling was a dream of mine but I didn't think it was something I could really go anywhere with being only 5'2" and 135 lbs. I certainly don't have the body of a typical model and I feel like I'm really just your average girl but I've pushed myself to do what I love and embrace my figure. I've been posting unedited photos lately to show my "imperfections". I have stretch marks on my thighs, spider veins, rolls when I'm sitting or bending, things that almost every woman also has but that are edited out of photos. I just want other women to know that no one is perfect and none of us should hold ourselves to such unrealistic beauty standards. I hope doing so helps others to embrace their "flaws" because we are all beautiful just the way we are.

Can't get enough of Ginny? Follow her on Instagram @ginnyrosewater or her fan page for more inspiration and lovely photos! 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Introducing Miss Valerie Voiture!

Photographer: David Rocha
Miss Valerie Voiture is the extraordinary pinup for February! Due to the shortness of this month and her extraordinariness (yes, that is a word now) her reign as Pinup of the Month shall be extended to the first week of March! What makes this gal so extraordinary? I can't dish too much or I'll ruin the surprise but her vision of pinup is a glamorous dream that includes everyone! Valerie is a host of many pinup events throughout the year welcoming and inviting all pinups to create a group of confident and empowered pinups through camaraderie. Read on to see this gal's visionary impact on the pinup community!

Photographer: Dynamite Dames MUAH: Valerie
Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup and/or pinup modeling?

I grew up with cars and a love for vintage so it was a natural progression to become involved in pin up.  I met my ginger hubs in 2009 and he introduced me to scene.  I loved it and all the girls immediately.  I started getting invited to events and made many friends easily.  I know some girls struggle with "cattiness" of the scene but I have always felt you get out what you put into any given situation.  For me that meant discovering a whole world of like-minded ladies with whom I became fast friends and am still to this day.

Photographer: Motley Cat Studio MUAH: Valerie
Do you participate in a vintage or pinup lifestyle?

We own and operate a hot rod and custom shop so we live and breathe the lifestyle everyday. Additionally, I like to organize and host pin up social events in the West Michigan area to boost morale and camaraderie among the local ladies and strengthen our friendships.  Occasionally I organize events statewide but being a busy graduate student, that gets challenging.

Photographer: Dynamite Dames MUAH: Valerie
What is your favorite band or musician?

Music tastes are all over the board.  I grew up in the punk era so I'll always be a little punk rocker inside.  That said, I have been to numerous operas ( a GREAT excuse to get fancy!) and I love live jazz.

Photographer: Trish Huhtala MUAH: Valerie
Your favorite classic car (owned or not)?

I own my own 49 Ford Shoebox.  I've been approached to sell but there is no way.  She was my first and I cant part with her.  I do hope to add to my collection, however.  I'm looking at a '59 Impala convertible.

Photographer: Dynamite Dames MUAH: Valerie
Who is your inspiration?

My greatest inspirations are the models who first and foremost are nice people.  There are some bullies out there unfortunately, though, luckily they're few and far between.  Boycott their businesses, avoid them socially, whatever you need to do to not get into their drama.  No one needs that in their lives!  

I do appreciate the models who are able to be very diverse in their work.  Models that bring it in so many different ways than just the traditional cheesecake pin up style like Mia Campbell, Riskay Business, and Leena Allure drive me to do better each time I work.  These girls will bring you whatever you need to your sets.  Their versatility is inspiring.

Photographer: Roy Varga MUAH: Valerie
What makes you an extraordinary pinup?

I've been around a while so I'm proud of being able to continually work and producing great images.  I'm proud of surrounding myself with great pin up friends and being allowed in their lives.  Lastly, I'm proud of being a voice for those who get bullied or taken advantage of who may not be able to stick up for themselves.  I'm an extraordinary pin up because I do the right thing even when it's not a popular choice.  At the end of the day I can go to bed knowing I used my place in the community to influence and help protect, encourage, and empower other pin ups to love themselves and be kind to each other.

I think it can be agreed we all need more gals like Valerie within the community! I'm so glad to have met her last year and worked with her for a photo shoot. Excited for more events, car shows, and photo shoots to come!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Fashion Friday: Miss Victory Show Pinup Contest *Exclusive*

Photographer: Dennis Schroader
This Fashion Friday is a throwback to a previous photo shoot taken at Fort Knox, which is one of my favorite shoots as I always wanted to and finally did shoot there. Unless you know someone, it's extremely difficult to get clearance to shoot on base. Glad I can cross that off my modeling bucket list! 

Photographer: Dennis Schroader
Photographer: Dennis Schroader

Photographer: Dennis Schroader
Please use these photos as inspiration for your outfit at the Miss Victory Show/Miss Jalopy Fest '17 contest! That's right, darlins! Miss Jalopy Fest has teamed up with a military charity, allowing each participant to help raise money, for a spectacular contest! Submissions will be accepted starting in July - don't delay as there are only 15 spots available! Start planning now!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Meet Miss Joyce A la Choice!

Photographer: Varga Photography
I recently had a chance to catch up with Miss Joyce A la Choice the current Miss Jalopy Fest! She is ah-mazing! I don't want to let too much out of the bag but I'm really wowed by the answers in this interview - I'm definitely inspired and encouraged to achieve even more than I thought was possible. Read on to let Joyce A la Choice inspire  and encourage you! Check out her interview to get to know this amazing pinup, learn about her awesome adventures, and see why she is a pinup extraordinaire!

Tell us about yourself 
Hey-yea, my name is Diane Joyce Mack. Pinup name is Joyce A La Choice ;). I am a self-proclaimed, “Pin-up Princess from the South Side of Chicago with style and grace.”  I have been doing pin up contests for around 3 years and learn something new in each contest. Along with pinup contests, I enjoy swing dancing at all of the amazing venues in Chicago. I just did my first photo shoot with Roy Varga last summer and loved it. I currently sling drinks at one of the oldest Lithuanian bars on the Southside, Bernice’s Tavern. Also, alongside my handsome husband and my talented jazz musician brother-in-law, we are remodeling our 1892 “workingman cottage” home in Bridgeport and running an AIRBNB out of it. When we are not traveling, working on the house, or receiving guests, my husband and I love riding our bikes around the city, swimming in Lake Michigan, trying new foods, reading, and spending time with friends and fam.  I also have the two cutest cats this side of the Mississippi and can make a blueberry pie that you can write home about.

Is this your first contest and if not, what was different or unique compared to other contests? What was your favorite part?
The Jalopy Fest pin-up contest is now the 8th contest that I have been a part of, whew! The Jalopy Fest was unique because of the prizes awarded to the contestants and since it was close to Chicago; I usually have to go out of state for contests.  The prizes were amazing, the best that I have ever received.  Since the contest was so close, my favorite part was having my husband and friends be able to come support me and to be able to celebrate with them afterwards, it was a lot of fun.

What is your favorite band or musician?
I feel like I should say a rockabilly or swing band, and I do really love that music and have seen the Fat Babies play all over the city (so I was super excited that they were playing at Jalopy Fest). However, on the daily, my inner teenage dreamer comes out and I listen to Death Cab for Cutie, She and Him, Belle and Sebastian, Mates of State, etc. Also, to help be exposed to different kinds of music, I listen to 8 tracks, a music app where you select your mood and it cultivates a playlist for you.

What is your favorite classic car?
I must say that one of my favorite parts of pin-up contests are all the vintage cars at the shows. I love the style, the colors, the work that so many people put into them, they are pieces of art, really. If I had the money and a garage, I would buy a 1957 Chevy Bel Air in sky blue to cruise the streets of Chicago in.

Who is your inspiration?
My inspiration is my grandma on my father’s side. My other grandparents passed away before I was born so my grandma was very important to me and I was close to her.  My grandma had five children and always wanted to name one of them Diane. After having 4 boys, she finally had a girl but named her Michelle after a nurse that helped her, so 20 years later, my father gave my grandma her wish and named me Diane, so I always feel connected to her. I have this picture of her and my grandpa on the sidewalk and they are all dressed up and they just look so classic and stylish, I think that is the picture that inspired me to do pinup. After she passed away when I was 18, I received some of her accessories that I still wear to pinup contest, to carry her with me.

Photographer: Matt Driscoll Photography
What makes you an extraordinary pinup?
Extraordinary sounds so magnificent and sometimes intimidating, but I feel that anyone can do it by just being themselves; really listening to your heart and your gut.  It’s not easy all the time, it can be frightening and sometimes lonely, but the experience is worth more than one can imagine.  At 21 I left my family, friends and everything I knew to travel the world, something I knew I wanted to do since I was 17. I went to a school in Australia for a year then 2 years in a small town in Central China learning Chinese (I can now speak mandarin). I have visited 15 countries including Egypt, India, Romania, Denmark, Thailand, Germany, Mexico and most recently Honduras. I have traveled all over the States form the East coast to the West. I moved back home to Chicago at 25 and wanted to finish my bachelors degree, so I moved down to the south side, got a job and worked my tail off to finish my degree from UIC. 

I feel like it is really important to challenge yourself with things that may frighten you, to stand on a ledge of unknown, be scared and jump anyways. To find out who you are and what you are made of; and have the courage to change. I have seen the red sun rising on mornings in China, rode with a moped gang on Lower Wacker drive in Chicago, been stung by a school of jellyfish in the ocean off of Australia.  When I moved to Chicago I started swing dancing for fun and then decided that I would try participating in a pinup contest to see if I could. Robert Frost got it right, take the road less traveled-it WILL make all the difference.  One more thing, ladies, let’s get to know each other, we are all in this together, I have learned something new at every contest that I have been in and have met some awesome women along the way. The world is tough enough, let’s not tear each other down, but be there for each other. 

Wow! What an inspiring pinup! Check out her fanpage for more updates and awesomeness!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Fashion Friday: Miss Bombshell

Me, Violet, and the Bombshell Crew!
I've been sitting on a super awesome news for almost a whole month - I'm going to burst! I have been chosen to be the face of a new business! Bombshell Beauty and Ink is a retro hair salon and tattoo shop located in Elkhart, Indiana. I'll be at the grand opening, as Miss Bombshell, on July 30th from 3pm to 10pm. Be sure to stop by and see me!

Just us gals!
My outfit for this shoot was pretty simple - my favorite pink pug dress. Sadly, I can't remember the name of the style though it's slightly similar to the Heidi at least in the cut. The neckline is different and I have lovely embroidered swans on my shoulders. My accessories were simple black wooden bracelets from the $1 store at the mall, Cadillac necklace by Retro-a-go-go, hair flower by Carmen, and my black TUK starlet heels - they never let me down! It all came together nicely for a lovely and easy look for an early morning photo shoot - which was a blast! The staff at Bombshell Beauty and Ink are awesome! Such a fun shoot! Grand Opening is 10am to 10pm, July 30th. See you at 3!

What's your favorite go to outfit? Let me know in the comments.