Friday, September 14, 2018

The Courageous and Stunning, Miss Kiti Kobain!

Photographer: Altenburg Studios MUAH: Amelia C.
Welcome back darlins! Meet Miss Kiti Kobain! This amazing gal is sure to delight. Read along and brighten your day!

Photographer: Kelly Marie Fitzpatrick MUAH: Sabrina Tannehill

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup? 

I've been a pinup model for longer than I should probably admit lol. I started about 10 years ago as something I wanted to do but never really thought I could. It's been a literal dream come true. I am a huge horror movie fan and old Hollywood movies as well. I am a grunge girl, hence the Kobain!! I am also a mom to triplets, which is my real claim to fame. They are by far the coolest thing about me.

Photographer: Altenburg Studio Hair: Karah @ Amelia C and Co Makeup: Kai @ Amelia C and Co.
Do you participate in a vintage lifestyle? 

I work a retail job, so 5 days a week I have to dress like a teenager but outside of that I dress in vintage or repro. I basically live in the modern world while loving and appreciating the aesthetic of the days past. I one day dream of having a mid-century modern styled home but with three toddlers running around I think that IKEA is better suited!

Hair: Dottie Vee @ Heads Will Roll Salon
What is your favorite beauty advice or routine?

Take risks! Don't be afraid to break the status quo. I hear all the time, when I go out, "I wish I could dress like that" or "You look so you cute, I wish I could pull that off" and I always answer, "You can!!!" There is nothing special about me that makes me able to "pull it off". I think we are afraid of what people will think so we don't do the things we want. I find I get way more positive feedback than negative.

Photographer: Xquzit Pix MUAH: Harmony Wadsworth
Who is your inspiration? 

Betty Grable, Ginger Rodgers and, curveball here, Elizabeth Taylor are my pinup style icons. The style in which they each wore clothes and their effervescence is inspiring.
As a human, I am inspired by my uncle Herbie. He recently passed from cancer. He was told nearly 10 years ago that he had less than 6 months to live and he more than proved that we do not have an expiration date! He worked almost daily in those 10 years as well and continued to run his business while still was climbing on roofs to fix air units!! I am sidelined by a headache and this man with stage 4 cancer is working in extreme heats! He never complained, he never felt sorry for himself, and he was always there to give someone a helping hand. He put everyone before himself always. I hope to be even 1/100 as selfless as he was.

Photographer: Xquzit Pix MUAH: Harmony Wadsworth

What advice or inspiration would you like to share with others?

Cliche as it is: don't let others dull your shine! Don't wish to be someone else because someone out there wants to be you! 

What makes you an extraordinary pinup?

I am far from extraordinary - I think what makes me unique is that I don't put myself into a box. I love so many things, I have no real "brand"- that makes me a horrible social media maven but I think it makes me a fun person! 

Credit: Modeling for Nicole Katharine Design
It may be cliche but I don't think it can be reiterated enough - never let anyone dull your shine! Of course, Miss Kiti Kobain is certainly here to brighten your day and lift your spirits. Remember ladies (and gents, too) to always be true to yourself and do the things you really want to do - life is too short!

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of Miss Liz E. Borden

Yes, you read correctly ladies 'n' gents. This "feature" is about none other than yours truly. It occurred to me that while this is my blog that I write, aside from a paltry introduction and an "About Me" section that really highlights the features and outcomes of the blog - I've left very little room for myself. 

To my friends:
Perhaps I've been to your home for a delightful Christmas soiree. Maybe I came to your home for a Saturday night dinner (you were the most perfect hostess) and we watched movies until I had to leave because I'll fall asleep almost anywhere. Another time we went to Viva and shared a room and so many fun, wonderful memories. Not to mention, I still see everyone at car shows - thank goodness for those! To all just mentioned -- thank you for your support! It means so much to me! But for everyone, including those already mentioned, this is a long overdue post - not only about the ins and outs of the blog but, also, some big changes I'm working on.

At the beginning of 2018 after coming back from a trip to Louisville - I made up my mind. I want to move back home. James is in support of this decision as well. You better believe I'm taking him with me! As it were, we went on a vacation in May and when we came back our living conditions had worsened making me feel it was necessary to move as soon as possible. I started applying to jobs in Louisville in June. Mid-July I received an email from a job I applied to in Louisville offering an interview. I rented a car and drove down on a Wednesday evening after work. My interview was Thursday afternoon and I drove back up on Friday afternoon. It was an insanely short trip.

The interview went well but I realized during my trip that despite how much (how very much) I want/wanted to move Louisville right now, that sadly, that just isn't feasible. I did receive a call back from that position this past Wednesday. I was offered the job I interviewed for but, at this moment, I have to pass because we just don't have enough to move.

I've spent a good portion of this year focused on moving. More focus on moving, than many other things. Now I can realign my focus onto other important aspects while still saving for our move in the future. I can focus on finishing my beautiful Studebaker so I can actually take her to shows. I want to do some shoots - I've missed them so! I can prepare for the MAT and submit my application for grad school to ensure an even better position when I apply again to the library in Louisville. Most of all, I can take my time and enjoy those around me and make the best of my current situation.

With all this going on, I still have hopes, dreams, and the best ideas for this blog. However, it takes quite a bit to publish a post. After receiving the information from each interviewee, I take the responses and edit them. I want each gal to have her own voice but within the context of good grammar as well. I edit for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. In addition to careful editing and appropriate placing of images within the body, links are also supplied and included oftentimes, by me. Posts take much time editing and perfecting. They are always worth it as it is the most important thing to share the most wonderful narratives of awesome and extraordinary ladies, but like everything worth doing they take time. An excellent post cannot be rushed. Therefore, it is imperative that responses are sent back in a timely fashion (hopefully by the due date) so that I can contact the interviewee with any questions as I edit and prepare each post. When these conditions are met posts are published in a timely fashion - on time. 

There has been some issue with this causing some months to be missed this year. As a result, I have decided to still feature pinups monthly but without the pressure of needing to feature every month. Pinup of the Month will be renamed as Pinup Spotlight to solve this issue. Pinups will still be featured but not necessarily on a hypervigilant monthly basis. I started this blog with initially different goals but as time has progressed my current goal is to support the pinup community through each uplifting, inspirational story. Each feature means so much to me - I hope it means so much to you! I love learning about glamorous gals and discovering that, honestly, we're all on the same level. It gives me great joy and pleasure to share these inspiring stories and, hopefully, more with all of you. Please check out the facebook page for the blog regarding upcoming potential features - I have some great ideas to share with you all! Thanks for reading and your continued support!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Brighten Your Summer with Miss Pearle de Lux!

I am elated to share with you, my lovely friend, Miss Pearle de Lux. This darling gal will make anyone's day shine! I love hanging out with her at any of the shows we attend - she's a riot and a genuine doll. Read on to love her as much as I do!

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup?

It all first started when I had my 1st photo shoot in Vegas about 7 years ago, and I fell in love with it.

Do you participate in a vintage lifestyle?

Yes, I own a ton of Vintage purses, hats, gloves, dresses, etc. which I like to incorporate into my everyday wear. I am the Co-founder of Greaser Gals Garage "Vintage inspired clothing and accessory brand". I have a 1948 Ford Panel truck, that is being worked on and I used to have a 53 Chevy Belair I sold last year. I love to attend car shows either as a vendor or just a spectator because I have soo many friends that enter the contests/shows, are musicians, hotrod/classic car clubs, mechanics, builders, burlesque beauties, etc.. So I have submerged myself in the Rockabilly/Pinup lifestyle and culture and I love every second of it. I have met some of the most amazing people and have been turning them into my new family.

What is your favorite beauty advice or routine?

Well, I am 36 so for me taking lots of vitamins, biotin, collagen, and facial creams to keep my skin as healthy as I can is important. I am one of the few who loves being out in the summertime swimming, working in the yard, on my truck and getting as much sun as I can. Plus I am a smoker, so I have to keep on top of my skin so I can look as young as possible for as long as possible. My advice is to find what works the best on you and work hard to maintain being as healthy as you can inside and out.

Who is your inspiration?

It depends, my grandmother has always been my inspiration to be the best person I can be and learn to slow down and enjoy life. She was the inspiration for my Pinup name because I lost her back in 2013 and I wanted her legacy to continue so I used her middle name "Pearl". She was the most selfless person I ever knew. She was there to help raise me for most of my childhood because my mother was an addict and in and out of the legal system more times than I could count. My other inspiration was my great Aunt Barb, she was a lovely tiny little thing, but she was a modeling coach, entertained as a 'top forties' singer appearing at many nightclubs, she was also a hairdresser and always tried to encourage me during my tomboy teenager days to act and dress like a lady and I still think of her every time I get dressed up. The last time I saw her was in 2015 at my mother's funeral and I was so delighted when she gave me a compliment on my 40's inspired outfit and vintage hat. I'm always inspired by other vintage old Hollywood actresses and movie stars as well as all of my lovely pinups I get to meet each year but my grandmother and my great aunt were the ones who were shaping me from an early age to become who I am now and I am so thankful for them.

What advice or inspiration would you like to impart to others?

Be yourself all the time. Love yourself. And most importantly if you find yourself bored, sad, lonely, depressed, etc. Make a change, you will be happy that you did. Never spent more time unhappy because once you have wasted that time, you cannot get it back. Do everything that scares you, my fear has been public speaking and appearances so I entered multiple Pinup contests to help overcome those fears. They are still there, but you know what? I am happy I forced myself out of my comfort zone because now I will never wonder "what if?" because I embraced each experience.

What makes you an extraordinary pinup?

I don't see myself as being extraordinary, but I see myself as another person on a journey to inspire others and show my daughter, that women are made up of so many wonderful things and that you can be lots of things at the same time. Never set limitations on yourself. I just try to pursue my dreams and set goals to continue to be a better person each day and remind myself of the struggles and setbacks we undergo in life are just another lesson to learn.

No matter how many dolls I interview the best advice is always the same - be yourself! Be the best you that you can be! Live life to the fullest ladies (and gents)!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Unapologetically Original - The Urban Pinup!

I love interviewing pinups who follow the beat of their own drummer and Elora, The Urban Pinup, is no exception to that! This amazing gal embodies pinup and makes it her own style. Her unique mix of traditional and modern is a force to be reckoned with!

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup?

Hiya all! My name is Elora but I go by "theurbanpinup" or TuPu for short. I'm a pinup from north London and have been in love with vintage/retro style for as long as I can remember. It all kicked off with music (if I remember right it was "Mr. Lee" by The Bobbettes and "Everyday" by Buddy Holly). I was in primary school when I first heard those tunes and as soon as I did, everything made sense hehe. While I listened to music, wore corsets and watched old-timey movies, I didn't fully incorporate the style element until a year or two ago! (seems like I've been doing it forever though).

Do you participate in a vintage lifestyle?

I would say I participate in a "part-time vintage lifestyle". At first, it was difficult to adopt a typical vintage style because a) I was an introvert who had no clue on where to start and b) I was still just a student so I could only afford to buy little things every now and then e.g. record players and circle skirts. 
In my late teens, I got into corsets and started waist training and experimenting with pincurls taking my inspiration from stars like Jane Russell, however, I still couldn't afford or find so-called "proper vintage" clothes. So instead I would mix elements of the pinup style with my love for 90's streetwear and Japanese Lolita style which I still do up until now. My style is forever changing as I'm still trying to find what works for me. I have a passion for the late 40's and early 50's (not just clothing but etiquette, culture, lifestyle etc- I'm a huge history lover). 
So in short when it comes to a vintage lifestyle, I just go with the flow and do it my own way.

What is your favorite beauty advice or routine?

Ooo this one is hard one haha! I think my favourite routine would have to be styling my hair only because it's what gives me my look. I actually don't follow a crazy strict beauty routine as I spend most of my time in puffy- tied up pincurls screaming into my gaming headphones while I play video games like Overwatch (I'm a bit of a tomboy in that sense). However, I do like to experiment with pinup hairstyles when I find the time as I'm trying to perfect my ability to replicate some of my faves. 

My favourite beauty advice (well to be honest it's something I came up with a few years back): if you want a super cute bang, curl your hair in the opposite direction you want it to flip (so towards your parting rather than away)- oh and experiment with different methods of rolling your hair to see what works best for you :)

Who is your inspiration?

It really inspires me seeing people following their purpose and doing what they came here to do. My inspirations change literally every month but that's only because I'm lucky enough to see, talk to, and meet so many amazing peeps <3 div="" nbsp="">

These are all what I like to call Boss Women (Yasss!)

What advice or inspiration would you like to impart to others?

a) Just do you. If you were not made to fit in a box, it's most likely 'coz you're gonna be the creator of a new box. Your vibe will attract your tribe!

b) Don't let fear hold you back, if you wanna try out a new style - go for it. Wanna start up a Youtube- do it! The only thing to fear is fear itself.

c) Don't be so serious, life is fleeting and Instagram/ Snapchat is an illusion. I think we all get to wrapped up in an image and trying to be "perfect" we forget to be perfectly imperfect ( as cliche as it sounds lol). 

All this is advice even I need to start following more, we're all growing ^_^

What makes you an extraordinary pinup?

What makes me an extraordinary the fact that I'm a cross between an anime/ Disney-loving, gangsta rap listening, video game playing pinup (that is always wearing a snapback!)  

Photographer: Sheyman McLuving
Who isn't inspired by someone full of joie de vivre? Follow Elora on Instagram for more sunshine and inspiration in your feed! 

Friday, March 30, 2018

Grab Your Gear from Greaser Gals Garage!

Who doesn't love pinups helping pinups? Am I right?! Greaser Gals Garage creates fabulous handmade hair accessories, GGG logo tee shirts, and creates unity within their pinup/rockabilly community. How awesome is that? Check these ladies out!

Where are you located?

Clarksville, Tennessee. Visit us online at

When did you start your business?

In 2014, we began designing our logo and discovering the best branding.

What inspired you to create your business?

I, Kimberly aka Pearle De Lux, had a small handcrafted hair accessory line I had been doing for a few years and then decided to put on an event in Indianapolis, IN where I am from. So I hooked up with an old friend Devon since she had a classic car and was involved in one of the Indy car clubs. We held the event at her friend's garage and had lots of ladies show up with their daughters and we did their MUAH. Then they had the option to select hair accessories I had premade or handpick their own design and I created them onsite. Once everyone was all dolled up we gave the ladies a mini photo shoot. Basically, from that point, Devon and I decided to team up and branch into apparel and add a handcrafted jewelry line in addition to my hair accessories. I love creating something that gives another person feel beautiful. Devon had an old Chevelle SS so I had purchased a '53 Belair project in 2016, some of my local gals came and helped with metal fabrication, body work, paint prep, interior, etc. which was a blessing for me to learn car stuff from other ladies. Its funny Greaser Gals Garage has kind of turned into a social club for ladies from all walks of life. My amazing Greaser Gals have newer show Camaro’s, lifted Jeeps, motorcycles, hotrods, etc. Some are models, burlesque queens, nurses, veterans, wives, mothers, College students, and they are always there to help with either car stuff or be a part of my merchandise photo shoots, or even lend a hand and help me at my events.

Did you see a need or a void to fill when creating your business?

Yes, between new and old school Rockabilly/Pinup/Greaser Girls. I saw so many ladies doing their own amazing thing and it inspired me to step up and see what kind of impact we could have on bringing the amazing older hotrod ladies who may not be into dressing up but love to be out with their husband and hotrod or out showing off their own hotrod/classic car to have fun with accessories or something fun to check out while strolling through swap meets. In addition, provide the cutie pie Pinups with new fun items who step out looking amazing from head to toe and all the ladies in between that enjoy vintage style and nostalgia that is the rockabilly culture. I wanted to make something special for all women in the different walks of life to express their individuality.

How does your business impact and empower, women/individuals?

Greaser Gals Garage is all about showing every generation of ladies that you don’t have to fit into any mold. We all have the power to create our own style and to embrace self-confidence. 

We are fully supportive of the Pinup pageants whether it be little girls or grown women we are always giving free merchandise out to the winners. I love being able to help out anyone with tips I have learned, from other ladies and pass it down by either creating accessories and/or apparel that boosts their confidence to go and try that photo shoot they always wanted or encourage them to get dolled up and come out to shows and make new friends, or helping with make-up and hair. Literally, anything I can do to give back, I am open to doing. 

Myself personally, I like being dressed down more often now and helping my husband work on my new '48 Ford panel truck, but on the flip side, I do love getting all dressed up and meeting up with all my friends at car shows and watching bands. My forever favorite motto is: “Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today”- James Dean…

These gals make the rockabilly/pinup community a brighter place! Be sure to check out Greaser Gals online or at the next car show! See you there!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Shimmy, Shake, and Shine with Shannon Million!

Photographer: Sweet Wink Photography
Behold Miss Shannon Million, a spectacular lady of pinup and burlesque to uplift and encourage! I've been having a bit of the "winter blues", so to speak. As I'm working through it, I'm very pleased to have had the pleasure of this interview. Miss Million is a delight! A beautiful soul inside and out. Scroll down to be delighted and inspired!

Photographer: Sweet Wink Photography
Tell us about yourself. How long have you been into pinup?

Hello beautiful people! My name is Shannon Million (also known as Lady Million in some burlesque circles). I have been "into pinup" for as long as I can remember. I was hooked from the first moment I admired the winged-eyeliner of Marilyn Monroe when I was a fledging pre-teen. Then a few years later, I recall browsing at vintage book shops and feeling my heart completely over-taken with the stunning art of Vargas, Elvgren, and later Olivia. I found it to be so mesmerizing. I remembered thinking that I wished people still dressed and painted like that. Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would be tapped on the shoulder and told that I should be a professional pin-up.

Photographer: And How! Imaging
Do you participate in a vintage lifestyle?

I love the vintage life style. I love old Hollywood movies. My burlesque bestie, Esoteric Eryk and I like to watch Marilyn and Hepburn movies to emulate their Transatlantic accents. But I also love how very creatively so many people have incorporated a Vintage Style into their Modern Lives. I've seen some friends' homes that are full vintage in postmodern design and it's simply astounding. Other friends have created entire tiki-themed modern bars in their homes. In my house I try to capture more of a vintage "Hollywood-Glam" style. So I am drawn to the sparkliest chandeliers, the whitest leather couches, and bright Sherpa rugs. But I also love the greaser style, leather pants, crop tops, and I also have to give a huge shout out to the pointy-bra tops that my award-winning vintage bestie, Chantel Hilton, wears. You've got to check her out.

Photographer: And How! Imaging
What is your favorite beauty advice or routine?

I like to tell ladies to slow down and take care of themselves first. No matter what your beauty regimen is, if you aren't making some rest and relaxation time for yourself in today's hectic world, you aren't doing right by yourself. I am such a busy-bee that I am often the guiltiest when it comes to failing to rest and relax. Find something and someone you love...spend as much time as you can doing that. It's going to keep you young, healthy, and vibrant...more than any night cream or makeup line will. So give your heart the time and the people it deserves. You'll be smiling all the time...and there's nothing more beautiful on a person than a smile.

Photographer: UVUDU? Imaging Nashville
Who is your inspiration?

I have so many inspirations it's impossible to list them all. But one of my greatest inspirations over the last 5 years has been Burlesque goddess, Audrey Deluxe. She is my boss for Burlesque Bingo at Tom Ingram's Viva Las Vegas festival. She is a beauty icon and simply the nicest, classiest lady to work for. I feel blessed to spend a week working for her every year. She produces so many shows at the VLV festival every year, it's simply astounding...all with a huge smile on her face and a champagne giggle in her voice. I admire her very much.

Photographer: Missy Neely Photographer

What advice or inspiration would you like to impart to others?

Be true to yourself. We are all unique creatures. No two of us are exactly alike...even twins have differences. Follow your heart. Create the best "you" that you can during the time you have on this planet. Always love yourself for who you are in the current moment. Pamper yourself occassionally. Respect yourself for the amazing one-of-a-kind being that you are. Be unapologetically whoever you want to be, whenever you want.

Photographer: Bruce Raven Jones Photography
What makes you an extraordinary pinup?

I love the true old-school, classic style of pinup art. I think my focus on the original, unadulterated art form has helped my image and has amplified my success in the pinup community.

Photographer: Sweet Wink Photography
I hope this gal brightened your day, week, or month as she has mine. It's always reaffirming to be reminded by those around us to just be ourselves. Celebrate yourself! Appreciate the qualities you have that are different from others - it's what makes you awesome! Have a great month ladies and be sure to check out  a real sweetheart, Miss Shannon Million! You won't be disappointed!